The fine balance between “Yes” and “No”

 20 May 2021  1127

Are you that person everybody turns to when they need a job to be done? Are you always the first to step up when something needs to be done? Do you find yourself saying “yes” because you are worried that saying “no” will hurt the other person and you might lose their love? Often, we fear loss of love and hence try to please everybody, thus making life easier for everyone around us at the expense of our own.

It can be hard to say “no” but there are times when it is the best choice. By saying “no” when required, you demonstrate that you have boundaries and a sense of self-worth. Finding your inner strength and being able to effectively say “no” when you are uncomfortable is empowering and it is possible that you will actually find that people treat you with more respect than before as a result.

Determining when to say “no” and when to say “yes” is a balancing act. We have been taught over the years to be people-pleasers and say yes even when we actually want to say no. We believe that being a good friend, parent, child, partner, employee, human being means we have to always be available. So, there we are, living life trying to please everybody around us and the end result is that despite all our best efforts we come out feeling inadequate and unhappy. The truth is that try as much as you want, it is humanly impossible to make everyone happy and it can be emotionally draining too. “NO” can become that powerful, positive and empowering word that will lead you to feeling a resounding “YES” within yourself.