The value of self-love

 05 Jun 2021  1282
Introduction and Information- Advanced Program for VR Filmmaking in Animation and VFX

How much do you love yourself?

Of course, self-love is not determined by how many likes you got on your latest Instagram post. And yet, all of us seem to have forgotten this and we have begun looking for external validation of our self-worth on social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more, have invaded our lives and become such a large part of it that it’s difficult to not check on the number of our likes and comments to reinforce our self-worth and “goodness.”

Self-love is actually a matter of knowing your value and knowing that you are worthy of love, independent of somebody else loving you and this is at the core of personal growth.

So, how much do you love yourself? None of us are perfect beings and each one of us is a work in progress so to love yourself wholly, you have to be able to forgive. You probably have some events in your life that you would rather forget. But when you choose to supress a painful event from the past then that keeps you trapped.  You need to acknowledge the event, accept that it’s in the past, find the lesson for you in it and then take your energy back and let that memory go. Forgive your parents, forgive any and all relationships that have not worked out, forgive yourself. Only when you forgive and let go does the past not hold you prisoner anymore and you get your energy back to become free… free to grow, free to love, free to flourish. 

Are you ready to change your thoughts? As long as you think you are unworthy you will continue to over commit, over give and over compensate. We need to hold ourselves, within ourselves, as worthy to begin loving ourselves and that is our real starting point to living a life of joy!