• "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within you."

    Maya Angelou

  • "What mental health needs is more sunshine, more candor, more unashamed conversations."

    Glenn Close

  • "The curious paradox is when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

    Carl Rogers

  • “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.”

    J. K. Rowling

Why Therapy ?

Today’s modern-day, competitive world comes with its fair share of challenges and pressures to continuously meet expectations. We are constantly being measured by family, friends, and society, and coping with this can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. We all struggle from time to time in our relationships, our work and our mental health as a fall out of this rat race that we are unwittingly a part of.

No matter how you’re feeling or what difficulties you’ve been through, counselling and therapy offers you a confidential, non-judgmental setting to be heard, where you can identify and explore the issues troubling you, allowing you to ultimately sort out and resolve your difficulties. Jessy Phillips is a trained counsellor and psychotherapist, an unbiased third party who will help you find your inner strength and get back to living a life of joy.

Therapy is a transformative experience, an investment in yourself, your life and your relationships. Take that first step. Make the call!


Jessy Phillips is a trained counsellor and psychotherapist with 20+ years of experience working with children, adolescents, young adults and seniors. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Mumbai University and a post-graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the Christian Counselling Centre, Vellore. She also has a Bachelor of Education degree and continues to learn and grow through various certificate courses from globally acclaimed and well-reputed international universities.

Jessy Phillips started her career as a Professor in Psychology in some of Mumbai’s most reputed colleges such as Sophia College, Elphinstone College and Nirmala Niketan. Her interactions with young, impressionable minds in the classroom ignited her desire to help teenagers and young adults overcome challenges and focus on their goals to maximize their potential.

In 2012 Jessy Phillips co-founded Antarang Foundation, a social initiative, from an idea to a sturdy and credible organization. She was a founder trustee and director at Antarang until 2018.

Since 2018, Jessy has worked with numerous people from various backgrounds and age groups, enabling them to access their inner strength to experience greater personal, professional and relational fulfilment.




Individual Therapy

Are you feeling anxious, sad, stuck or alone? In today’s competitive and fast-paced world, we all need a little help, support or guidance from time to time. Individual therapy can be that safe space for you to understand yourself better, gain support and reflect on your experiences. Therapy allows you to build the tools you need to overcome uncertainties, stresses and anxieties so that you can find your power and strength to leap back into a vibrant life.

Individual therapy can support:

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Life Transitions
  • Teenage Challenges
  • Social Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Self Esteem
  • Dating and Breakups
  • Trauma, Grief and Loss
  • Anger Management
  • Relationship Conflict
  • Career Issues
  • Gender Identity




Relationship Therapy

Man is a social being and human connection is at the core of our well-being. However, the perfect relationship is a fallacy as we all face conflicts at various points in our life. At such times it would be helpful to have the support of a therapist who would act as a neutral third party to help you navigate through the challenges.

Relationship therapy would include not just romantic partners but also couples, friends, siblings, parent/child relationships, etc.

Relationship therapy can support:

  • Relationship Issues and Couple’s Therapy
  • Productive Arguments
  • Building Interpersonal Trust and Connection
  • Intimacy
  • Navigating Life Transitions
  • Infidelity
  • Parenting
  • Relationship Satisfaction




Jessy and I met through a common learning process when we were pursuing our PG Diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy. The first impression I felt about her was that she was very easy to be with, open & friendly. Her ability to communicate empathetically and her sincere interest in you as a person is what makes her a natural counsellor. She is highly dedicated and passionate and more importantly a great human being. She has all the qualities of a good counsellor - patient listening, warmth, empathy, a non-judgemental attitude and the openness to keep learning better ways to help her clients. Jessy's ability to connect and communicate with all age groups had been extremely invaluable when we worked together on various projects dealing with students & parents and their stress & anxiety during college admissions. Students and parents were obviously highly stressed and confused about the whole admission process and there was a need for someone who could just listen, be patient and non-judgemental. The ease with which she understood their fears and apprehensions using her vast repertoire of knowledge was just amazing.

Shilpa Pathak
Senior Trainer & Career Counsellor iDreamCareer

I was in college when I had my first serious relationship. The relationship lasted for about 4 years when he decided to break up with me. I was devastated by the fact that he broke up with me for some other person and that he had actually moved on. I was angry with myself for letting this happen to me and I began blaming myself for the situation I was in. I could not eat/ sleep/ study and had suicidal thoughts too. That’s when I knew I needed HELP. Jessy & I haven’t met personally given that we live in different cities but trust me when I say that she was the closest person I had in my life when I was going through my difficult times. One of her best qualities is that you can talk to her without being judged. Jessy taught me to see the positive & negative sides in any problem situation and I believe that was the first tiny step that I made in moving forward. I wouldn’t say it was a very easy journey but step by step, day by day, we kept going and it was definitely teamwork. If you ever need a person to vent out to or to help you see life in perspective, Jessy is that person.

24 years

I have known Jessy for over 20 years. About 8 years ago, I suffered acute spinal spondylosis and the sheer chronic pain in my hand and neck turned me into an angrier version of the Hulk. This pain took me to a very dark place, and my marriage was in trouble too as I was impossible to live with. This took me further down the rabbit hole, with extreme negative thoughts. This is when Jessy stepped in and not only did she pull me out of the hole but she also taught me to condition my mind to see adversities from a different perspective. She taught me to be grateful and develop a sense of gratitude for all the good that happens to me, one day at a time. Talking to her regularly rescued me and my marriage. If it weren't for Jessy’s patience and gentle encouragement to find myself, life could have gone very differently. Jessy is naturally intuitive and empathetic, which makes her easy to work with. I wish her success in all her endeavours!

48 years

Choosing a career path is anyway a daunting task, but if your parents are not in sync with your choice then it can be extremely stressful. I wanted to pursue music as a career and my parents were afraid that it wasn't a stable career choice. My inability to make them see my point of view was so difficult that I started doing badly in my school exams and started rebelling. My initial response to my parents when they suggested meeting a counsellor was ' no I'm not crazy, I don't want to go, what would my friends think if they found out'. I was made to accompany my parents even though I showed great reluctance. That was the first time I met Jessy ma'am. She didn't treat me like a child or someone who shouldn't have an opinion. She was open even to my initial resentment for being there. Her patience and non-judgemental approach, the way she listened to both sides, enabled us to be honest and bring our concerns. Little by little my parents and I found a middle path and we found a way to communicate our feelings to each other. Jessy ma'am is someone I have recommended to my friends and I would without any hesitation to anyone who is going through a crisis or just needs help to understand things more clearly.

17 years

Jessy Phillips has worked closely with me for a few months now and I have noticed tremendous improvement in myself! Jessy is compassionate yet pragmatic in her approach and ensures that she creates a safe space where you feel comfortable to be vulnerable without any fear of judgment. I cannot emphasize the personal growth I have seen and I owe it all to her!

34 years

Thank you Jessy, for helping me cope through some of my darkest times. I could not recommend you enough!

53 years

Jessy Phillips is someone I trust wholeheartedly. I was going through a major life crisis when I was first introduced to Jessy Phillips. She patiently heard me out and through the course of many months helped me realize my true value and potential. Her caring and kind nature immediately puts you at ease. She is easy to speak to and is always accessible in case of any personal emotional emergencies. Therapy is something that has changed my life entirely and I could not be more grateful for Jessy Phillips.

28 years

Special thanks to Ms. Jessy for being so good at what she does. She has helped me with my anxiety issues. It was undoubtedly a long, slow process that required work but she has definitely helped me make personal progress. I would not be at the stage in my life that I am in now without her help and guidance.

31 years

*Client names changed to maintain anonymity